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Support Dr. O’Diakpo Obire to liberate Delta

Delta State is in ruins, it is in huge debts in spite of its wealth. It has been governed by a cabal that has ran it aground. They are richer than the State and are prepared to spend heavily in this elections to continue to ride roughshod over us. We believe you don't want this to continue.

Dr. O’diakpo Obire seeks to be Governor of Delta State. He has been very concerned about the poor governance resulting in decaying infrastructure, poor services and abject poverty in the State. He is committed to good governance that will benefit all.

For his campaign to be successful, it requires a strong media and grassroots presence. The process is pretty expensive and he cannot do it alone.

There are opportunities for godfathers to sponsor his election which he has jettisoned because the status quo will be maintained and we all will continue to suffer. This informs why we all should contribute to fund his election. No amount is too small, and no amount is too big.

Your contribution will give the campaign a tremendous boost. It will help us to raise funds to sustain the campaign to win and turn the fortunes of Delta State around.

We count on your support.

Many thanks in advance for your kind support.

About Dr. Obire

Dr. O'diakpo Obire is the President of Greater Delta Foundation. He is also the President of Hatfield Group, a consolidated group with diversified involvement in hospitality business (Hotels & Resorts), Agriculture, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing & Security Equipment Services. He is an uncommon philanthropist with a passion for making people happy. He does his philanthropy without ceremony. Dr. Obire hails from Ovu Inland in Ethiope East Local Govt Area of Delta.

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